Event Detail

DEWALT (Engineered by POWERS)

Lunch and Learn Presentation over the DEWALT DESIGN ASSIST PROGRAM

Which will cover:

1. Review of DEWALT Products and Services

2. Updates on New Code-Approved Anchors

3. Overview of DDA Software Functionality

4. Introduction to Key DDA Features

  • PIR Design
  • Fully Custom Anchor Layout
  • Fully Custom Baseplate Geometry
  • Load Combination Wizard
  • Comparative Anchor Design (including Hilti anchors)
  • Seismic Design
  • Cast-In-Place Anchor Design
  • Lightweight Concrete Over Metal Deck Anchorage
  • DDA Calculation Report

5. Complete Design Example Using DDA


Presented by:

Gabby Mayer – Field Engineer – Central South


This course will provide 1 hr of Professional Development (pdh).

Meeting Location:


1350 South Boulder Ave, Suite 600

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119


Date:  Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Arrive at 11:45am for lunch

Program: 12:00 – 1:00pm


We require that ALL participants to register online at the OSEA website www.oksea.org for head count for lunch.   Please RSVP by October 11.

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